Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's Fixed (7/20 1:38am PST)

Minor improvements made to 25 -- yes, 25 sound clips in the chatroom. They sounded low so I bumped them up a little. Triggers improved on: *awesome*, *baby*, *callme*, *closed*, *done*, *douche*, *dream*, *exper*, *femuline*, *halftime*, *hatehim*, *hatorade*, *herpes*, *huck*, *jerks*, *loveyou*, *menosexman*, *neefong*, *outraged*, *pimp*, *sadsad*, *shutupeb*, *talk*, *through*, and *upsolate*.

Also, *meow2* aka "the gassy kitty" is gone. Will be replaced later with hopefully a non-gassy kitty.

Got all that? Good, it'll be on the final.

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